• Closed type and has a good ventilation system
  • Provide a good environment for the chicken
  • Reduce the risk of spilling feed that will make wasted feed. This will result in feed costs decrease
  • Reduce the amount of human labor to control the cage


BO-IL Korea :

BO-IL China :


Water Supply Facility


  • it can meet the needs of water for the chickens, because the automatic is always available whenever the time needed by chickens
  • prevent spilled water in the cage
  • medicine also flowed in a water supply


Feeding Facility

  • A structure that allows the adjustment of the amount of feed in each cage
  • Can reduce the risk of feed wasted
  • Feeding more efficient, so it can streamline the value of FCR


Ventilation Facility


  • To maintain the temperature and humidity
  • Reduce heat in the henhouse
  • Reduce dust in the henhouse
  • Provide fresh air
  • Decrease the toxic gases in the cage


Manure Disposal Facility

  • Regularly clean the manure
  • Reduce the toxic gas in the cage such as ammonia produced from chicken manure
  • Saving labor costs for remove the manure