PT. BOIL MANDIRI INDONESIA is a subsidiary company of BO-IL Industrial Co.,Ltd,Korea. We are established at November, 2015. We are trading company which has main activity in automatic
chicken cage trading. BO-IL in Korea has producted and has sold the automatic cage for chicken
(layer, broiler, rearing pullet and parent stock) over than 30 years.

PT. BOIL MANDIRI INDONESIA is one of overseas company of BO-IL Industrial Co.,Ltd, Korea which
has company and office in China, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia. BO-IL in Korea has established at
1977 and has sold the automatic chicken cage over than 60% of chicken cage industry in Korea.
Now,we are selling the cage in overseas and Indonesia.

We will give the best opportunity and best investment for you chicken farm industry. Because you’ll get big advantages by using BO-IL cage.

We hope, Indonesian chicken industry will get opportunity to develop the traditional chicken farm
into modern chicken farm which has many advantages. We are here to serve your chicken farm needed and we will help you to get it.

Please contact us for information detail.

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BO-IL History

1977.09 BO-IL industrial Co.,Ltd incorporated, producing freezing component
1985.02 Pipeline milking machine development in technical alliance with Honda Co.,Ltd in Japan
1988.07 Domestic inaugural development of closed type cooler
1989.09 Electric water heater development
1990.03 T.M.R feed mixer development
1992.10 Upright poultry cage development (for layer and rearing pullet cage)
1992.11 Baler development
1995.05 Established Tianjin BO-IL Dairy and Poultry Equipments Co.,LTD, China
2001.10 Livestock automatic feeder development
2003.03 Initial export to Japanese SEIMEI Farm (layer)
2003.03 Installed cage in Pyongyang farm, North Korea (rearing pullet)
2010.02 Moved to new headquarter office
2015.07 Moved to new China company office