Although not, Matsuda, in addition to Soichiro, Mogi, Ide, Ukita, and you can Aizawa, is actually one of the few individuals possess remained

Throughout his first ICPO fulfilling, that was situated in the recent Kira case, Matsuda didn’t come with knowledge about the brand new “L” contour the ICPO turned to help to your Kira instance, having Soichiro Yagami, the main of Task Force, detailing L to help you him.

Throughout one of the Task Force’s basic conferences, Matsuda expresses his explanations as to the reasons Kira can be for the the best, simply for their factors to end up being closed of the obvious disapproval of any almost every other user. Following the meeting, Soichiro proceeded to speak with Matsuda regarding the him talking upwards, plus assure Matsuda one to bringing up reasons why Kira isn’t in the wrong entirely was not very a fundamentally wrong direction regarding course of action.

Adopting the several FBI agencies who have been delivered because of the L so you can read the Kira was slain, a giant part of the Activity Force got quit the study. Matsuda, with the rest of the remaining members of the task Push, got frequent see-ups with L and you can Watari as a result of an exclusive, five-celebrity resorts, where L informed me his ideas and additionally their agreements and you will defenses up against Kira. From this point towards the away, Matsuda implemented the newest alias, “Matsui”.

Whenever White and you may Misa eliminated the thoughts, Matsuda is small to accept you to Kira is not included in this. During this new Yotsuba Kira once the Kira, Matsuda wished to become more used for the analysis and therefore, when you’re posing since the Misa’s manager, chooses to see the latest Yotsuba building and overhears tips, but issues and you will ends up getting trapped of the members. He offers to features Misa come in the adverts because a keen alibi for being here.

On studies, Matsuda might have been chastised because of the L in addition to Activity Push getting their some teenager take on the research

While stalling, Matsuda manages to get in contact with L, just who tells Matsuda to fall off of the strengthening and phony his death so you can escape him or her. After a few days, whenever Misa along with her family members came into fulfill the members of Yotsuba, Matsuda, pretending intoxicated, did a good headstand on side of the fresh balcony and you can “accidentally” dropped regarding, only for Wedy and Soichiro to catch your playing with a mattress, when you find yourself Aiber poses while the their “dead” muscles, hence making sure Matsuda’s coverage. Luckily for us, together with go back, he had been able to obtain information concerning your investigation.

Immediately following L are killed, work Force now listens to help you Light because the fresh L

Following the Task Push got learned which the third Kira are, Matsuda played a pivotal area of the final package, which inside your becoming seemed into the an effective Sakura Tv chat reveal, where the guy plans to let you know Kira’s name, and you will “accidentally” suggests his deal with. Which forces Higuchi to try and read Matsuda’s genuine identity to attempt to kill your, with L looking for aside just how Higuchi eliminates, but in order to zero avail. Higuchi, enraged, goes individually to brand new tell you, however, he could be fundamentally stuck because of the L together with Activity Force, in which it efficiently discover the Demise Notice.

Five years afterwards, Mello kidnaps Sayu Yagami in order to get a hold of the Passing Notice. During Light’s decide to grab Mello and you will regain the newest Death Note, he’s the work Force acquire their Demise Notice, and agreements on that have Matsuda result in the package on Shinigami Eyes. not, Soichiro offers to do so instead of Matsuda, and they assault Mello’s foot. After Soichiro’s passing, even after Near’s proof for Light becoming Kira, Matsuda renders an aware energy to believe if you don’t, getting happy when anything proves Light isn’t really Kira, not wanting to trust he’s.